Uncaged Review – Portrait of a Duke by Alexa Aston


Portrait of a Duke
Alexa Aston
Historical Regency

A fun-loving man who has become a staid duke . . .

An independent lady who wishes to pursue her artistic bent . . .

A long-ago meeting which left a lasting impression on them both . . .

Daniel Judson, the Duke of Westfield, changed from a carefree young rogue into a sober duke once faced with a mountain of responsibilities after he assumed his grandfather’s title. After seeing both his sisters wed, Daniel knows it is finally time for him to take a wife in order to provide the necessary ducal heir.

Lady Margaret Townsend’s come-out was delayed by the ill health and subsequent deaths of her parents. Now an ancient four and twenty, she makes her debut into Polite Society—not to find a husband—but to secure important social connections within the ton in order to acquire commissions to paint their portraits, a dream she has long held.

Sparks surfaced during their initial encounter ten years ago. Their second introduction at the inaugural ball of the Season leaves Daniel certain he has found his duchess, while Margaret is confused by the never-known feelings stirring within her.

Will the duke convince this lady she can have both marriage and her art—or will her stubbornness to follow a chosen path have her miss out on love?

Uncaged Review: Lady Margaret has always placed 2nd fiddle to her beautiful sister. Her sister was doted on by their mother and when it came time for a match, they schemed to find her the best match with the most value and the best title. As Lady Margaret took care of her ailing mother and father, her debut wasn’t until she was 24 yrs old, much later than most debutantes. Having to live with her sister and her husband, Lady Margaret is thrust into the Polite Society to find her match and to move her out from her living situation by her sister Dolley. But Lady Margaret is an artist, inheriting the talent from her late Grandmama.

Daniel, the newly minted Duke, has finally agreed to find a wife. Daniel had met Lady Margaret during Dolley’s coming out when Lady Margaret was not quite 15 yrs old. He never forgot the spitfire and when he saw her again, he knew he’d found his match. But Lady Margaret has no intention of getting married, and Daniel will need to work for it.

This is a nice historical that is a great page turner. I was pulled into the pages almost immediately, and loved the characters and the original story. I liked that Daniel knew what he wanted, and that Lady Margaret was an independent planning on making a living on her paintings. An engaging, original storyline that is smart and addicting. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars