Adam Dark & Matthew Thrush
Urban Fantasy

A haunting past. A book of secrets. A demon looking for revenge.

Eleven years ago, Ben Robinson burned down a house with a demon inside, only to watch his best friend die in the fire. Now he’s haunted by nightmares of his dead friend warning him of impending doom. 

So when Ben’s closest living friend discovers a mysterious ancient book that can open the barrier to the demon realm to reach Ben’s dead best friend for answers, Ben can’t help but take the risk. 

Soon after, a mysterious girl with a strange power turns up at the location of their friend’s murder, claiming to be able to see fragmented pieces of the future. But can she be trusted…or is she nothing more than a demon in disguise?

To save the day, Ben must accept responsibility for the evil he’s unknowingly unleashed in the world, but dark and deadly things have already been set into motion, and time to abate the damage is running out.

Uncaged Review: This story was pretty good, after you get past the 50% mark. It started a tad slow for me, it had one good action sequence in the beginning, and then sorta stalled out, although I won’t get to critical as it’s the first in a series – so we are getting to know the world. The three main characters, or maybe I should say four, but that would give too much away, Ben, Pete and April sort of fall into this demon hunting thing. When Ben and Pete were kids, they witnessed 4 of their friends murdered in a haunted house, barely escaping. For years, doctors thought Ben was crazy, hearing voices, having realistic nightmares. Finally learning to cover it up, he got out from under doctors and made it to college. But then the voices start again…Ben and April attend a frat party that has a demon possessing a guy’s body, and lights the house on fire – with Ben doing his best to the voice in his head trying to help – by getting the drunk kids out. When he tells Pete he’s hearing voices again and having dreams that their friend Ian is still alive, they decide they need to go back to that house.

There is some good action once it gets moving, and some good dialog with enough humor to break up the horror of the demons and to keep it interesting. I think it’s a good start to a series and a good introduction to this world and characters. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars