Bullets & Blades
Orlando A. Sanchez
Urban Fantasy

Sometimes magic doesn’t get the point across. Sometimes the point of a blade is required.
After unleashing the power of the neutralizer, Tristan finds himself without the ability to cast magic. Assured this is a temporary condition, Tristan and Simon decide it’s the perfect opportunity to take some much needed time off.
That is until a group of dark mages enters the city looking for Master Yat. Now the Montague & Strong Detective Agency must face and eliminate the threat. There’s only one problem. William Montague—Tristan’s lost brother is leading the mages.
Without magic, Tristan must face mages intent on killing his friend and teacher, find a way to restore his powers, and stop his brother from bringing a greater darkness to the city, dooming them all.

Sometimes the best answer isn’t a spell. Some situations can only be resolved with bullets and blades.

Uncaged Review: Mr. Sanchez is a master storyteller. This time out, Simon needs to rescue Monty from The Pit, and he comes into some of his own in this book – and it shows how strong the bond between Simon, Monty and Peaches is becoming. I was all in – and Mr. Sanchez didn’t let me down. The great world building that continues on in each book, building upon what is already there, and the author promises us that we will learn more and more about these characters in every book and even though it seems Simon is going to get in trouble with his wise-ass ways, this book shows us that he’s so much more and stronger than you think. And Peaches? One of the greatest sidekicks ever. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars