It’s almost that time of year. Uncaged will be hosting the Raven Awards for 2019. This year, the awards will be handled differently. In August, Uncaged will announce the winners LIVE in a Facebook Event. Updates for this event will be coming soon.

Voting will begin for the semi-finals in July. The top 5 in each category will move on to the finals. There will be more categories this year to accommodate all the genres that were read by Uncaged this year.

Winners will not only receive a custom badge this year, but they will also receive space in the magazine. Winners will receive a FREE 2-page book Showcase valued at $40, and the Runner-ups will receive a 1-page Sneak Peek, valued at $20. The winners will have up to a year to redeem their gifts.

Please be aware, to be eligible for the Raven Awards, books had to have been reviewed by Uncaged and received a 4 Star review or better. The only exception to that rule is the cover voting where the rating does not apply.

So be ready to gather your armies for voting, as the Raven Awards will begin to rev up. A quick preview of the all new Raven Award badge will be coming soon……