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Uncaged Review – Wooed in Winter by Scarlett Scott

Wooed in Winter
Scarlett Scott
Historical Regency

The Marquess of Haven has finally decided to do his duty and settle upon a bride, preferably before the new year begins. What better place to find her than a country house party? There’s just one problem. The beautiful widow who once owned his heart is also in attendance.

Surely there’s no harm in indulging in one night of passion with her, just to get her out of his mind. But Haven is about to discover old habits are hard to break, especially when the consequences last forever…

This has been a great series for me, I have enjoyed all the Winter sisters, and even though this is a shorter book, it’s still a nice addition to the series. Hannah, having been married off by her father to an abusive man, is now a widow. Haven was the man she should have been with, if not for her father. When the two meet back up, the sparks are still there.

The reunion was beautifully written and it was nice to read a book where it wasn’t a young debutante as the heroine for a change.

4.5 Stars


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