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Uncaged Review – What a Vulgar Viscount Needs by Tammy Andresen

What a Vulgar Viscount Needs
Tammy Andresen
Historical Regency

He’s the worst sort of man…

Wrapped in the most handsome package. The Viscount of Dashlane is the picture of masculine beauty with his flashing blue eyes and his ready smile. And every word he utters is perfectly timed to make a woman fall in love. There’s only one problem. He’s used his charm on one too many Moorish sisters and Cordelia Moorish isn’t fooled at all. In fact, it’s time this rake learned a lesson…

She’s a bluestocking and a wallflower…

Lord Christopher Dashlane can’t believe he’s been stuck in a wholesome village in nowhere England for nearly a week. And worse still, the Honorable Thomas Moorish seems set on matching him with one of his ridiculously beautiful daughters. Another man might be glad but not Jake. He’ll be tied to no woman’s apron. That is until Cordelia Moorish falls into his lap. Quite literally. She smiles and blushes and then, just when he thinks he might steal a kiss, she slaps him dead in his face. So that’s how it’s going to be? If it’s a game of matching wits, and seduction is the prize, he’s in.

But what he fails to consider are the stakes. Marriage? Love? Quite possibly, it’s both.

This author has quickly become one of my favorite Historical Romance authors. I can’t remember ever reading even a so-so book from her. Being as prolific of an author as she is, I’ve still not found a book she’s repeated herself in.

In this book, Lord Christopher has never had a problem attracting the ladies. Until Cordelia. When he finds he doesn’t charm her as quickly as usual, he’s dead set on winning her affections. But will they end up falling in love? This is a fun read, and I was glued to the pages. Highly recommended.

5 Stars


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