Uncaged Review – Wings of Passion by Kelly Nicolson


Wings of Passion
Kelly Nicolson
Shifter Romance

Sienna falls out of the sky and into Adam’s life…

She’s a shifter with the ability to turn into a golden eagle and she’s fleeing danger, but with an injured wing, she crashes onto the balcony of Adam, a man who likes to be in control.

Adam’s orderly world is turned upside down with the arrival of the golden eagle, and now that he has her, it’s clear that control is over-rated. If it means keeping Sienna, then he’ll embrace the wildness.

Once they commit, Sienna and Adam will do whatever it takes to keep each other safe, and with the hunters determined to capture Sienna, that might not be easy. To stay together, they’ll have to learn to rely on each other and embrace the bond growing between them.

Uncaged Review: When I first started this book,
I was afraid it wasn’t going to be something that
really appealed to me because I’m not really into
the instant lusting that happened here very quickly.
But once I got past the first couple of chapters,
it turned into a really good suspenseful romance.
Sienna is flying away from a shifter hunter, with
a damaged wing. She’s an eagle shifter, and she
flies until she crash lands on Adam’s balcony.
Adam rescues her and brings her into his apartment,
and hopes to help her heal. After the first
couple chapters, this book picks up speed and you
meet the rest of the characters in the book.

This is a good start to this shifter series, and a nice
original take on this genre. I’m looking forward to
the rest of the series. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars