Uncaged Review – Death’s Intern by D.C. Gomez


Death’s Intern
D.C. Gomez
Humorous Fantasy

A talking cat, a boy genius, missing people, and an untrained Intern for Death. What could possibly go wrong?
Did that really happen?

There’s no way Death offered me a job. I’m a musician that makes her living as a waitress, with absolutely no training in the supernatural world. This is all a very bad dream.

But Bob has been kidnapped, and I can’t possibly lose the only friend I have.

Bob, you’d better be alive. Because if I just gave my soul to Death for nothing, I will personally kill you. Not to mention, it seems Death’s Interns have fairly short life expectancies.

God, don’t let me die.

Uncaged Review: I really enjoyed this book as the
start of a series. The premise is very original, and I
actually found myself smiling and laughing a couple
times. The best I can explain, is that Isis, who is on
her own, scraping to get by, by being a waitress at a
Mexican restaurant. When a homeless veteran friend
named Bob goes missing, she’s compelled to find out
why, being a vet herself. When Death offers Isis a job
as her/his intern – she finds out about a supernatural
world right under her feet.

I can’t get into everything, but the main plot is a
group of witches that are kidnapping people that no
one will miss, like the homeless in order to take their
souls to keep them immortal and young. There is a
cast of characters that are very originally thought
through and Isis soon finds a family that she’s never
had before. This is a fast paced urban fantasy that
jumps out of the gate at a sprint and keeps on going.
Looking forward to continuing with this series.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars