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Uncaged Review: Watcher Untethered by J.L. Madore

Watcher Untethered
JL Madore
Paranormal Romance/Occult

An 8-Book Dark Angels Completed Series.

Duty. Honor. His brothers. That’s all he has.

Wounded in battle, Zander wakes in a daemon feeding ground, bound to a human female. The origins of the restraints are unknown and the woman, a risk for Otherworld exposure. In the midst of the violence of his world, and with relationships punishable by death, Austin tempts a part of him he fought to lock down his entire, miserable existence.

Kidnapped and handcuffed to a dangerously sexy man, Austin is helpless to fight the attraction to her savior. The darkness of his world terrifies her, yet the rich timbre of his voice triggers a bizarre form of synesthesia. After a decade of being blind, what Austin sees when she’s with Zander, threatens to destroy them both…

Uncaged Review: There is a lot of comparison to the Black Dagger Brotherhood in this series, and yes, I can see the similarities – but they are not the same stories. People could have said the same about the Midnight Breed series also. I can say, if you liked the BDB or the Midnight Breed series, you may like this one too. In my copy, I didn’t see a lot of grammar issues, so it seems the book has been edited since those reviews in 2018. I really enjoyed this band of brothers, in this group we have the Nephilim, and even the Archangels show up at times. This group of men are a blast. Be aware, the author does not shy away from danger, gore and the horror of protecting the human race from demonkind – and it is an erotic tale with some hard hitting sex scenes. If you are a person that is easily offended by language and cussing, this isn’t the book for you.

But if you like a unit of warriors that kick ass and love even harder, then this may be a good book to grab onto. The nice thing is that this is an eight book series, and all are out now. I’ll definitely be moving on to the next one. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars


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