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Uncaged Review: Warwolfe by Kathryn Le Veque

Kathryn Le Veque
Medieval Historical

1066 A.D. – Discover the origins of the original de Wolfe pack, led by the man known as WARWOLFE. Before the Duke of Normandy conquered England, a legend arose. A man so fierce, so brave, and so noble, that the mere whisper of his name could strike both fear and admiration into the hearts of all men.

That name is Warwolfe.

Gaetan de Wolfe is this man. A legend from a family of legends, the greatest de Wolfe warrior arises as William the Conqueror sets foot in England to claim what he believes is his birthright. Gaetan brings with him nine of the fiercest knights the realm has ever seen, plowing their way into the English countryside, forging their legacies at the Battle of Hastings. But when one of Gaetan’s men is kidnapped by the rogue brother of the Earl of Mercia, Gaetan refuses to let his man go. His loyalty to his men is above all.

A rescue mission of epic proportions begins.

Guiding the original de Wolfe Pack on this task into deadly enemy territory is a lady warrior known as Ghislaine of Mercia. The sister of the man who kidnapped Gaetan’s knight, her loyalties are torn. Wary of the big Norman knight with the fierce manner, her attraction to Gaetan is nonetheless undeniable. There is a spark between them that refuses to die. Together, Gaetan and Ghislaine embark on a dangerous adventure where myths are revealed, loyalties are tested, and where a growing passion between them becomes all-consuming.

Live the legend.

Uncaged Review: I didn’t like this book, I loved it. I have to admit, I wasn’t too fond of Gatean at
first. But one of the reasons is this is not a normal romance book from this author. But what this
book does do is to give the reader a better background on many of the names that will come up
in later books. De Russe, de Lohr, du Reims, de Lara and even gives you the background on how
de Shera began. These names will be linked in future novels and the ancestry that this author has
developed over her series of medieval novels and how they are all interconnected is mind boggling.

So even though there is some romance here, it is a smaller part of this book. This book is more about
the amazing Knights and their true loyalty to each other – a true band of brothers not seen in modern
times. As I said, Gatean took time to grow on me, but he did, with Ghislaine’s help. A great origin
story that will give the readers of this author a better background and understanding on many
books that follow. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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