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Uncaged Review – Vampire’s Kiss by Ella Summers

As seen in Issue 4 of Uncaged Book Reviews. A November Top Read.

Vampire’s Kiss
Ella Summers
Urban Fantasy

Once you sip the Nectar of the gods, there’s no going back.

Leda Pierce is working as a paranormal bounty hunter on the Frontier, the dividing line between human civilization and the plains of monsters. Life is simple and the pay modest, but at least she has her family. That is, until a vampire hunt goes wrong and her brother goes missing, captured by the dark angels of hell.

With no magical powers of her own and no way to find him, Leda’s only option is to go to New York and join the Legion of Angels, an elite unit of supernatural soldiers with powers gifted to them by the gods themselves. If she can survive long enough to make it up the ranks, she will gain the magic she needs to find her brother.

But Leda soon finds herself on the wrong side of a conspiracy that will shake up the supernatural world—and at the mercy of a fiercely powerful and tempting angel.

Uncaged Review: This just made me mad. The book ended too soon! This world is a post-apocalyptic type world, after a battle between angels and demons. Demons are now outside the towns, behind a wall known as the Wastelands, and the angels have legions of soldiers trained to keep the peace. Leda, and her family are bounty hunters, bringing in the law-breaking individuals for the bounty. But having very little to no magical abilities, they focus on humans. But when one bounty goes south and it’s a vampire instead of a human, her brother Zane, who is telepathic is taken prisoner afterward by Dark Angels. Dark Angels are fallen angels, working with demons. Leda knows that the only way she can get the powers that will give her the ability to find her brother Zane, enrolls in the Legion of Angels. Here, the angel Nero, has taken a keen interest in her. She is trained until she is bloody and broken, healed, and trained again. But what they find out after a mission that turns into a trap, is that there is a lot more trouble going on that even the Legion didn’t know.

This book is all action, all with a kick-ass heroine with a sassy attitude and endears the reader to her pretty quickly. There wasn’t much romance in this book, but it is setting up and I am truly looking forward to this series continuing. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars

UPDATE: The 2nd book in this series, Witch’s Cauldron released on November 4. And yes, it’s already on my Kindle. 


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