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Uncaged Review: Unethical Conduct by Cole and Williams

Unethical Conduct
Cole & Williams

Corrupt senior officers, a murder, a rape and a flasher. Can DI Terry McGuire’s day get any worse?

McGuire became a police officer to uphold the law and to protect those who cannot protect themselves. When he discovers a connection between a former friend and colleague and a body buried on a beach that appears to have been frozen for five years, McGuire knows there is only one course of action he can take.

With a murder, a rape and a flasher adding to McGuire’s headache, is there a connection between his colleagues and the awful events unfolding? Can McGuire stand up for what he believes and bring the perpetrators to justice, whoever they may be?


Uncaged Review: So some bad guys who are in jail are blaming an ex-dirty cop now turned local counselor. For their jail time D.I. Terry Mcguire and his team try to get this handled in a quiet, discreet manner. More stuff comes out of the woodworks and the ex-cop is also accused of rape. Poor Terry has to deal with even more when a body turn up at the beach.

This is a short read but it gets to the point straight away. It’s just a matter of getting the evidence to prove it. A dark fast paced and gritty book that sets up the character of Terry and his team quite well for book one. Book 1 to7 is out now and all proceeds of this book go to charity.
Reviewed by Jennifer.

4 Stars


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