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Uncaged Review – The Witches of November by Gloria Garner Haynes

The Witches of November
Gloria Garner Haynes

A horrifying discovery, a murder investigation, and events from more than fifty years before lead Sophia Rosenwein into the darkest month of her life as The Witches of November bring a gale of dark secrets, hidden love, and the battle of her life to save the only person she’s ever truly loved. Enter a determined detective with a charming personality, and the game is on!

Uncaged Review: A dark tale of love, loss, and betrayal. A devoted granddaughter finds a shocking discovery while cleaning her elderly grandmothers house. She learns a whole side to her family she never know existed. I rather liked this book as it was a tale of dark woven secrets and home truths. It also took a rather unexpected twist I didn’t see coming. This author has my attention now i would rather like to read some of other books. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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