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Uncaged Review – The Space Between Worlds by J. Conrad

The Space Between Worlds
J. Conrad
Young Adult/SciFi

Not all prisons are escapable.

Thousands of miles from ancient Celtic Britain, Bridget awakens as a Sumerian girl standing outside the Great Ziggurat of Ur. She can’t understand where Celena is or what any of this has to do with her and their history in Wales. Her pendant has disappeared and she has no way back.

Feeling trapped in this arid land so far removed from Wales or the US, Bridget’s problems extend beyond locating her friend or finding an exit door. Her parents are forcing her to prepare for an arranged marriage, and if she doesn’t follow through, the consequences will be severe. She can’t see how to stop the tidal wave that’s threatening to engulf her life. There are many kinds of prisons, and not all of them are escapable. But when Bridget meets Relan, all of that changes.

In the blazing heat of Sumerian summer, a beautiful, pale stranger explores the marketplace of Ur, asking peculiar questions of the merchants and speaking in a strange accent. Wearing a woolen cloak over his animal skin tunic, this “barbarian” is from elsewhere and has unusual ideas. Bridget’s curiosity leads her down an alluring and dangerous path. She is afraid to find out the answers she longs for, until Relan shows her something unbelievable, wonderful, and frightening. Just as Bridget thinks she has a solution to her problems, she is faced with a disturbing choice that may cause a shift in her destiny which can’t be undone.

Uncaged Review: This was an interesting take on Time Travel, and the tale of two friends that adventure into different times. Bridget loses her pendant, which helps her to get back to her time, and is stuck in time. But changing outcomes in the time travels, can affect their real time.

I liked the friendship with the girls, this is book 2 in a series, and I think I would have gotten more out of the books if I had read the first, but it held up okay. It’s a solid 4 star read, and those that enjoy time travel, will enjoy this one. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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