Uncaged Review – The Pirate Duchess by Rue Allyn


The Pirate Duchess
Rue Allyn
Scottish Historical

The fate of two strangers collides in a midnight brawl.

Esmeralda Crobbin inherits her ship and her letters of marque from her adoptive father, an infamous privateer. She plans to leave the sea on a quest to find her birth family when she encounters a man who haunts her dreams.

Brandon Gilroy will inherit a duchy but would prefer to remain a captain in the royal navy.
Then he meets a sunset haired woman more alluring than the endless changes of the ocean. He expects he will never see the her again, yet she fills his every fantasy.

Fate tosses Esmeralda and Brandon into destiny’s path more than once. Will secrets and betrayal force the pair into a gut-wrenching choice between love and death.

Uncaged Review: Whenever it comes to a good
pirate story, I’m all in. And this one was definitely
different than most, with Esmeralda the pirate and
Brandon Gilroy out to arrest her and bring her after
her crew defeated his ship and she left him and his
crew stranded on an island. During his time on the
island, Brandon plans his revenge on “Irish Red” as
Esme is known. Esme can’t seem to forget about the
man she left behind on the island.

A chance storm has Esme and Brandon stranded at
the same Inn, and even though Esme has concealed
herself by dying her hair and wearing dowdy gowns,
Brandon knows her immediately.

This is a good, well-paced read that did have a few
slower parts, but all-in-all, it was enjoyable and kept
my interest and the enemies to lovers trope works
pretty well here. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars