Uncaged Review – A Sky Like Blood by Everly Frost


A Sky Like Blood
Everly Frost

I belong to the Vandawolf.
My heart and my power are his to control.

I am a Blacksmith, a wielder of the arcane magic that once scorched our land and brought blood-storms to our skies. Now, I live at the mercy of the Vandawolf, the dark king whose power forced the Blacksmiths to their knees.

But the price for my life is high.
When his enemies scheme against him, I cut them down.
And when the storms rage, I’m sent to fight the monsters that rise from our damaged land.

To fail is to betray the Vandawolf, and my family will pay the price.

Then a breathtakingly beautiful man steps from the blood-rain, and I’m faced with a terrible choice.

Do I end him or save him?

Is he a man or a beast?

Betrayal is only a step away.

Uncaged Review: A fantasy like no other I’ve read in recent years, and that’s a good thing. This book is the first of a trilogy and even though the 2nd book won’t be out until 2024, the cliffhanger was not the type that bothers me, since the overall arc in the book is ongoing.

Asha is a Blacksmith, and in this world, Blacksmith’s would form tools with magic and protect their city. But part of Asha’s family, including her Uncle and her parents used the magic for power to rule and devastated the lands with their cruel magic and by killing many of the people. Asha’s brother and sister were sent to live with adoptive parents as their magic was drained, but Asha is used by the leader of the city, the Vandawolf who was transformed by the dark magic and is half beast, to guard the city from the horrible creatures that pop up outside the city walls.

This world is different and interesting, and you will find out more as you read along. Not all is as it seems. The beast part reminds me of the beauty and the beast, but that’s really where the similarities end. This is a decent fantasy start, and I’m along for the ride. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars