Uncaged Review – The Infidelity Curse by Barbara Monajem


The Infidelity Curse
Barbara Monajem
Historical Regency

The death of her cruel husband means freedom at last for Lucretia Tifton—until she learns that the guardian he chose for her longed-for baby is the latest in a line of earls known for separating their children from unfaithful wives. The elusive new earl is certain to hear the gossip about Lucretia. Will he believe it and prove to be as heartless as his ancestors?

Giles, the Earl of Netherbroke, wants nothing more than to work in his London shop, building furniture with beautiful marquetry finishes. If unexpectedly inheriting the earldom isn’t bad enough, now he’s saddled with an unwanted guardianship. What’s worse, the baby’s mother is the loveliest woman he’s ever seen.

Giles is almost certain Lucretia is an adulteress—and the more he learns about her, the more he understands why she might have betrayed her husband. Nevertheless, he is determined not to succumb, like his ancestors, to the Infidelity Curse.

But then Lucretia is suddenly in danger, and the only way to protect her is to make her his.

Uncaged Review: Lucretia was married off to an
older, cruel man, and she endured his abuse for years
before he died. Lucretia being pregnant, is fearful
that the new guardian will try to take away her baby.
But what she doesn’t know, is that the older earl that
Lucretia’s dead husband, Sir Matthew had arranged
had died before he did, so the guardianship went to
his son, Giles.

This is a slow burn romance, and a lot of things come
to light within the pages. There is romance, mystery
and even danger. Lucretia and Giles will need to learn
to trust each other and to love each other without
curses or secrets. Secondary characters are engaging,
and even the children in the story are likeable. Leave
it to this author to come up with an original story and
just the right amount of danger to sweep you deeper
into the story. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars