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Uncaged Review – The Devil of Dark Hollow by Juniper Kerry

The Devil of Dark Hollow
Juniper Kerry
Fantasy Romance

When Fiona MacHugh inherits her aunt’s B&B in a magical sanctuary village, she knows to expect some surprises. Bats in the attic, a rotting front porch, even the giant black dog that only appears when she’s alone… all of these things she can handle; especially since every day, she gets closer to solving the mystery of her aunt’s death.

One thing Fiona didn’t expect was to find herself at odds with her neighbor, a grumpy casino owner aptly named Devil. Devil is handsome and brooding and dangerous… and hell-bent on getting rid of her.

Devil Walker doesn’t have anything against Fiona MacHugh. He really doesn’t. In fact, those curves and dark eyes call to him in a way that makes it hard to keep his hands to himself. But the B&B is part of the family legacy he’s been trying to reclaim ever since his father destroyed their empire. He promised his grandfather; he made a vow. And no matter how sexy or sweet or alluring his neighbor is, he has to find a way to make the B&B his.

Uncaged Review: Dark Hollow is a sanctuary
town, divided by a magical Current, that separates
it from Brightwood. When Fiona’s aunt Minnie
dies, she inherits a B&B inside the magical town.
Even though she has no magic of her own, she decides
she’s going to keep the building and find out
how her aunt really died.

Dev, who is a spirit mage, runs the casino next
door. His father lost the B&B which had been in
Dev’s family for generations and he’s determined
to get it back. But he wasn’t expecting Fiona.
There are a few things going on that keeps this
book humming along. There is a mystery about
the death of Fiona’s aunt, and a romance that
brews as an enemies-to-lovers storyline. Dev was
a bit over the top in his alpha ways at times, but
Fiona does seem to handle him pretty well. There
is also a lot going on about the town itself and the
people in it and the ending was unexpected. This
was an easy read, and I look forward to book two.
.Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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