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Uncaged Review – The Dance Hall Wife by Cici Cordelia

The Dance Hall Wife
Cici Cordelia
Historical Western Romance

CAT . . .

Cat Purdue has come a long way from the days when her father used her as partial payment for a gambling debt to a ruthless man. Reacquiring the saloon Father had lost, and turning it into a successful restaurant, is only the beginning of her drive for success. 

FRANK . . .

Unable to reconcile the new, sophisticated Catherine Purdue from the saloon girl he once dallied with and foolishly spurned, Frank Carter finds himself blocking his growing attraction with sharp words and sarcasm. But when the Carters’ old nemesis escapes prison and comes back to Little Creede for vengeance, Frank’s only thought is to protect Cat, as well as his family.


Determined to lead separate lives yet bound together by danger and their growing desire, Frank and Cat will leave their mark in the new state of Colorado.

Uncaged Review: I really love the writing of this pair of authors – and the way the words flow seamlessly, never knowing where one author ends and the other begins. I feel as if they are writing with the same muse.

This time out, we are back to Little Creede, and Cat has transformed the local whorehouse into a nice family eatery, and trying hard to keep the place open. Frank, who we met in the first book, is the chosen hero this time out, and to be honest, I didn’t like him very much. He honestly was a jerk, and his only redeeming quality for most of the book was his over protective nature to Cat. He did finally make some amends in the back third of the book, but I didn’t really like the way he treated Cat most of the time. Now on the other hand, I adored Cat. She’s a strong woman, who’s had to make her own way in life after having a drunken, gambling father lose everything, and she does well. Even reaching out to help in the town, but strong enough to punch the slimy banker.

This book really moves along well when a criminal out for revenge against Cat, breaks out of jail. This is finally when Frank shines and proves he’s worthy of a lady like Cat. I’m looking forward to more from Little Creede. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars


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