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Uncaged Review: The Boy Inside by Ross Greenwood

The Boy Inside
Ross Greenwood
Crime Suspense

How can you make the right decisions if everything you’ve been told is a lie?
With absent parents and broken friends, twenty-one year old Ben is making choices, which are ruining his life. In jail, again, he and his cellmate, Jake, take a hostage in a futile gesture against a system they can’t control.
This powerful, beautifully written novel gives a vivid and realistic picture of those we send to prison.
Who would you rely on if you were locked up?
Do we ask the most from the ones who have the least?


Uncaged Review: Ben one day gets told some bad news at a football game as a child. Then shortly after no time passes at all his Dad dies of cancer. Ben gets in with the wrong people and shortly begins a life of crime. Shoplifting and drug’s he goes out with a girl who is money mad and they have a child together. Ben spends alot of time in prison.

I really enjoyed this story as it focused on the things people do to land in prison. Which was interesting to learn about and read. In this book there’s some characters that are mentioned in Ross Greenwood’s first book. Lazy Blood.

I really can’t wait to to read what Ross brings out next. As this was a fabulous read. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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