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Uncaged Review – Survive at Midnight by Kayla Krantz

Survive at Midnight
Kayla Krantz

Death doesn’t always bring peace. With memories of her dead family and friends haunting her, Luna Ketz tries to untangle her life from the hold Chance has had on her over the past four years, but it’s harder than she thought. In death his secrets are revealed, plunging Luna into the mind of the man who ruined her life. Thoughts of her soon-to-be-born baby only bring to mind its monstrous father. Haunted by a new set of dreams, Luna fears her baby will grow up to be a carbon copy of him.

She battles to keep hold of her sanity as she loses a grip on the world around her. The dead begin to speak, and she can’t possibly ignore them. With Chance whispering evil deeds in her ear, she treads a trail she never thought she would venture and must rely on her worst enemy to help her conquer her biggest trial yet—herself.

Uncaged Review: Luna fears Chance again in this new journey they have together. Only this time it’s not just herself she has to worry about it’s her baby’s. Luna is made pregnant by Chance after the night he attacked her in her bedroom. Chance suddenly grows a change of heart by Lunas sudden outburst that she’s pregnant only it’s too late he commits suicide. Leaving a note for Luna and even having the nerve to leave her some stuff in a will. Luna begins to lose grip on reality by hearing and seeing Chance’s ghost. Making her a little bit crazy as Chance was. Will she turn out to become just like him?

I really liked this story and it was interesting to read. All about Chance’s reasons for being the way he was. Also a little background of his family was a nice touch. I enjoyed the fact the writer choose to make Luna a little insane and darkly twisted the further you got in the story. The only issue I had with this book was the conversations that Luna had with Chance while her mother was around. Why didn’t Rose, Lunas mother, ever comment on this? The fact that Luna was talking to herself. Luna had done this a lot throughout the book and was happy to see that another character in the book picks up on this and asks Luna what’s she doing and who is she talking too?

Despite the book having the one annoying flaw. It is a very good read. I can’t wait to see what happens next in the story. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars


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