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Uncaged Review – Something Wicked by Caia Daniels

Something Wicked
Caia Daniels
Erotic Short

After five years of watching Scandal’s Boys of Summer attend Madame West’s famous play parties, Dane Cruse wants in. Since arriving in New York after his father’s murder, Dane’s been under the Madame’s protection, but tomorrow, he leaves for the city to launch a modeling career. No longer Summer’s responsibility, Dane is ready to make his move.

It’s Halloween, and Madame West has a playdate planned with her harem. Can Summer resist the sexy, young playboy’s charm, or will Dane get his wish of finally bedding the enigmatic Madame of Scandal, just once, before she sets him free?

Uncaged Review: Dane Cruse was taken in by Summer, and the club, Scandal – a club that serves only female clients that has a secret club within the nightclub, for women to fulfill their sexual fantasies. It’s Halloween, and Dane is leaving for a new career, and just one time, he wants to be in on Madame West’s party.

This is a hot sexy book, that is a full on erotica with strong BDSM tendencies. It’s a cleverly written hot romp short story that does its genre justice. And may have you standing in front of a fan with a bucket of ice behind it when you’re done. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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