Uncaged Review – Given by Amy Pennza


Amy Pennza
Paranormal Erotica

The day I rode to the Rift with my brother the king, I never expected him to deliver me into the hands of our enemies. Desperate to stop the Deepnight from covering his kingdom in shadow, he’s pledged me as a blood slave to King Laurent, ruler of the vampire kingdom of Nor Doru.

Survival means giving Laurent my vein and my body. And when his cruel and arrogant general, Varick, demands the same, I must obey.

But all is not as it seems in the vampire court. King Laurent has secrets, not the least of which is how much he enjoys his general’s company. Almost from the moment I enter the twilight world of the Deepnight, I learn my journey across the Rift was so much more than a barter. And it’s not just Laurent and Varick I need to be wary of. There are rumors of darkness stirring—of long-forgotten danger rising in the old elven lands.

Something is stirring in me, too. As I unravel the secrets of the vampire court and discover my own hidden abilities, I must choose between love and survival. Trapped between two powerful men, will I become a pawn in the battle for power, or will I take control of my own fate?

Author’s note: The Bitten and Bound Series must be read in order. Mind the cliff.

Uncaged Review: The author warns us to “Mind the
cliff.” As in, the major cliffhanger at the end of this
book. And it’s a doozy. One thing going for it is that
the 2nd & 3rd books are out now, so you can continue
on immediately. This is a hard hitting paranormal,
with MM, MF and MFM. If that’s not your style, then
this isn’t for you. If that doesn’t bother you, you will
find a book that twists and turns and a well thought
out story and world. This can be a bit confusing at
first, when you are trying to keep the worlds separated
but it will fall into place as you keep reading.

Given is a half human/half vampire, and the growth
and strength we see in her as the book goes along is
noticeable and terrific. When you get to that ending,
don’t toss the Kindle or cuss out the author. Just go
get the second book. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars