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Uncaged Review – Sinners MC Anthology

Sinners MC
MC Romance Anthology

Are you ready to fall in love with some hardcore bikers?

They might be outlaws, but one thing is certain…

Nobody messes with their women or their clubs. Those that stupidly enough dare to do so, will have hell to pay.
Game on.

SINNERS MC features six MC Romances full of danger, suspense, passion, and angst by Evan Grace, Ginger Ring, Mandy Michelle, Melinda Valentine, Shanjida Nusrath Ali, and Vanessa Siena.

Uncaged Review: This anthology covers 6 stories by mostly new to me authors, with the exception of Ginger Ring. Each story is easy to read in one sitting, and they range from an almost sweet romance to almost erotic, so there is something for everyone.

A couple stories stood out for me, Born to Hide from Ginger Ring is a story within her Lake Genoa series, and a few characters from her Genoa Mafia Series show up to tie this story up. I really liked Saige and Capone’s story and how it tied into the main series. I really hope that the author has more stories within this world in the future.

Also, Ecstasy was a nice story of friends to lovers and Mayhem MC was a story with some suspense tossed in.

Overall, this is a nice anthology that may introduce you to new authors, and if you like the motor cross worlds, this is a good choice for some easy reads.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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