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Uncaged Review: Shadows and Twilight by Jamie A. Waters

Shadows and Twilight
Jamie A. Waters
Fantasy Romance

The only way for darkness to thrive is to destroy the light…

Sabine owes her life to the two demon brothers who helped keep her hidden from the fae for the past ten years.

When she learns Dax has been forced back to the Underworld to stand trial for his treasonous crimes, Sabine races to their volcanic home to save him. What she discovers is a long-hidden truth that will shape the future of their world, or potentially destroy it.

Only an ancient weapon of power can shatter the portal’s bindings…

The demons secretly recognize Sabine as the true queen of the Unseelie, and they’re determined to keep her for their own purposes. With her magic, they can escape the Underworld and declare vengeance on those who oppose them.

But first, they must destroy all her ties to the light, including the man she loves.

Uncaged Review: The fourth book in this series
has Sabine and her companions having to venture
into the Underworld for the next artifact. This is
their most perilous adventure yet and their time
is up, and will have to go because the King of the
Underworld is Bane and Dax’s father, Kal’thorz
– with Dax going to have to face trial and probable
execution. Sabine will need an alliance with
the demons, to be able to go up against her father,
and to do so, she’ll have to fight with more than
what she has to get in and out alive with all her

You learn more and get a lot more answers in this
book from lingering questions. The author does a
fantastic job keeping this intricate storyline moving
along at a reckless pace and still delivering a
well thought out world and storyline. The main
story arc continues, but it doesn’t leave the reader
on a cliffhanger. Admirable job by the author
keeping this story and series as good as the last
book, if not better. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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