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Uncaged Review – Blade Bound by Chloe Neill

Blade Bound
Chloe Neill
Paranormal Romance

The thrilling final installment of Chloe Neill’s New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series sees sinister sorcery advancing across Chicago, and it might usher in the fall of Cadogan House….

Since the night of her brutal attack and unwilling transformation into a vampire, Merit has stood as Sentinel and protector of Chicago’s Cadogan House. She’s saved the Windy City from the forces of darkness time and again with her liege and lover, Ethan Sullivan, by her side.

When the House is infiltrated and Merit is attacked by a vampire who seems to be under the sway of dark magic, Merit and Ethan realize the danger is closer than they could have imagined. As malign sorcery spreads throughout the city, Merit must go to war against supernatural powers beyond her comprehension. It is her last chance to save everything—and everyone—she loves.

Uncaged Review: The final book in this series goes
out with a bittersweet bang. Bittersweet that this is
the ending the main group of Chicagoland supernaturals
that has kept me mesmerized for 13 books. I do
realize that there is a spin-off ongoing, and Cadogan
House remains, but not having Merit, Ethan and Mallory
front and center is still a sad pill to swallow, even
though the series is wrapped up nicely here.

Sorcha is back, and it take everyone in the supernatural
community to bring her down before she completely
destroys the city, and she is demanding Merit
and Mallory as sacrifices. But we all know neither of
these two will ever go down easily, and it’s time for a
show down, once and for all.

This book moves at an incredible pace, with plenty of
action, suspense and some romance sprinkled in. This
is a top series for me, and I recommend anyone start
from the beginning, and buckle up, it’s been a fun
ride. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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