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Uncaged Review – Seasons by Iesha S. Walker

Iesha S. Walker
Romantic Erotica

Troy Delaney has spent her dating years compartmentalizing the men in her life. Men were necessary, but interchangeable. Troy never felt the need to settle down or foster real connections with men. Men were necessary because “Like the four seasons each one of them served a purpose” in her life. Men were interchangeable because if they failed to fulfill their purpose they could be replaced by the next man who could.

Uncaged Review: A prospective story on life dramas and the struggle of finding love. Troy isn’t the type of girl to just settle with one guy. She likes four guys like the seasons of the year. So she will never be hurt or really have to commit to a guy. But when a tragic acident changes the way Troy views life, she may just never be the same. I really liked this book. As Troy is the type of girl that you feel could be you. Her emotions and fears are real and you can feel them on the page. I found myself caring about Troy and wishing her to find a happy ending. The pleasent thing about this book is it deals with a lot of issues surrounding females. Can’t wait to see what this Author brings out next.. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars


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