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Uncaged Review – Scarred Protector by Maggie Mundy

Scarred Protector
Maggie Mundy

Angels and demons are not what you think. They are aliens, and the Midworlders are their representatives on Earth. Heath is an Angelic Midworlder with a tortured past where he could not save the woman he loved. Evie is a woman haunted by a dark presence in her mind that allows her to see the angels and demons around her. Heath saves her when she is attacked by Demonic Midworlders but will he fail her like he has others before? These two tortured souls are connected by the past, a past that has left an evil lurking inside Evie that could kill them both.

Uncaged Review: The world building done with this series is very original, with angels and demons actually being aliens, some with angelic qualities and the others demonic. The ones sent to earth to protect the humans from the demonic group are midworlder’s, or half-breeds – with the angelic ones. This story revolves around Heath and Evie, Heath feels as if he failed in his past, and Evie has a darkness inside – that is threatening to destroy them both.

This is an intriguing tale and the world building is spot-on, and the characters are well flushed out. This is the second book in the trilogy, and even though I didn’t read the first book, I was never lost or confused, but I’ve definitely put the other two books on my radar. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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