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Uncaged Review – My Soul to Give by Magali A. Fréchette

My Soul to Give
Magali A. Fréchette

When Celina Leviet escapes the brutal home invasion that kills her husband, she’s left with a bullet in her gut and vengeance in her heart. An alluring demon, Mekaisto, offers an irresistible deal—in exchange for her soul, he’ll let her live long enough to get her revenge, but she must hunt and kill the murderers herself.

After sealing the contract, Celina digs into her husband’s past for clues about his murder, and what she uncovers makes her question everything she thought she knew about him.

His company never existed.
His family history was a lie.

And he was involved with The Lumen, a shadowy religious order whose members know too much about demons. As the life she thought she knew crumbles around her, Mekaisto’s charms become harder to resist. Forced to face a horrible truth, Celina struggles against her late husband’s betrayal and the dark seduction of the devil she knows.

Uncaged Review: Is it wrong to fall in love with a demon? Because I did. And he’s not a good demon, he’s violent and cruel. But he’s also sarcastic, hilarious and can you believe – likable? But Kai is gentle, and cruel and sarcastic and sweet with Celina, but for all the right reasons. This is a story about betrayal, truths and yes, it’s a love story.

Celina’s husband is brutally killed and when she runs away from the house and the murderers who are racing after her, she’s shot and on her way to dying also. Along comes Kai, the dark shadow that Celina has seen all her life, morphing into a human-like figure with red eyes. Kai offers Celina revenge for her husband, in exchange for her soul and her life. Already knowing she is dying, Celina accepts the offer.

I’m not giving any more spoilers, but I loved this book. I loved Kai, and a very strong Celina. And the twists and turns that the author takes you on while delving for the truth was so much fun. Do be warned though, there is a lot of violence – but it all makes sense. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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