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Uncaged Review – Phaze by S.C. Mitchell

S.C. Mitchell

When Kayla Armstrong is attacked in her lab, she falls into a chemical stew. Now she’s walking through walls and falling through floors.

As the leader of Xi Force, Joel Weisberg is always looking for new superheroes for his team. What he wasn’t looking for was sexy Kayla Armstrong falling through the ceiling of his apartment right into his bed. Still he isn’t complaining when the event finds him a new Xi Force member and a new love. Now she just needs some training and some time.

But when an old enemy comes back with new powers and captures Joel, it’s up to Kayla to lead the Xi Force against her. But can they rescue Joel before he’s murdered . . . again?

Uncaged Review: The XI Force team are back with a vengeance with Joel being their new leader this time. But an old threat is starting trouble again. Someone Joel thought was out of his life for good. Just as he thought he was happy with lab worker Kayla, things go boom. This book can be read as a standalone book or as part of the series. Filled to the brim with SciFi gadgets and cool costumes this book packs a punch. Great action and there are wolves. What more could you ask for? This series is becoming increasingly more exciting to read. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars

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