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Uncaged Review: Love in Montana by Chance Carter

Love in Montana
Chance Carter
New Adult/Coming of Age

When a girl loses her father early in life, it leaves a hole in her heart. It takes a special kind of man to come along and fill that hole. Sam Jones is riding a train through Montana when he meets the girl he thinks of as his she-wolf. The fierce look in her eyes reminds him of a wolf, and her ferocious nature in the bedroom proves him right. Now the only question is, can he tame her.

Uncaged Review: Chance Carter has lots of full novels out. But he is also writing a romance story every week. Featuring a American state each week and a man trying to find love. This is book seven in the list.

We meet Sam a boy who was featured in Chance Carter’s first ever book Bad Boy Daddy. Its Sam’s turn to shine as he’s all grown up now. Sam is on a busy train ride he notices a young beautiful women who he has nick named Shewolf. Although normally shy, he takes a chance and strikes up a conversation with her. This is the classic tale of boy meets girl.

This book was a fun easy read. Being a fan of Chance Carter books it was nice finding out what happened to a boy who was just a child in Chance Carter’s first ever book so long ago. For readers who are new to this author’s work, The American Boyfriend Series can be read in any order. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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