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Uncaged Review: Lone Survivor by Nikki Landis

Lone Survivor
Nikki Landis


The world has gone to ***, and the zombie apocalypse is now responsible for wiping out humanity. One girl believes she’s all alone and the world’s last hope for survival . . . but is she the key, a threat, or something else entirely?

Sawyer is a Marine.
His loyalty, purpose, and mission are the only objective until he meets the feisty girl who changes everything. What will it take to survive among the dead? Is humanity doomed or is there hope in a world plunged into total chaos?

From the series –
A GROUP OF SURVIVORS …must find a way to live together when a terrible virus turns deadly. Two different strands determine what type of zombie is unleashed upon those lucky enough to escape the initial outbreak. Survival is the only objective until the mutations begin to change and humanity becomes the scariest monster of all.

Leave it to this author to make me fall for a zombie book, and one way she did it is by throwing in romance, not too many of the zombie books will venture into that area. In this world, the zombie virus was man-made, trying to get the best soldier, the best weapon, then trying to wipe out low income areas by putting the virus in the water bottles. But it all went to hell. Bailee has been surviving on her own for the last year, and doesn’t believe there are any other survivors until she meets a group of marines, who are actually looking for her. Bailee is the niece of a scientist and it’s believed that her blood may hold the key to a cure – since her Uncle shot her up with a drug before he died.

Sawyer, the leader of the survivor group, begins to have feelings for Bailee after finding and saving her and bringing her into the group, a bad idea in a zombie apocalypse. In this world, there are zombie runners. These are the ones that are just newly turned, with speed, some intelligence and strength, so the author turns the notch on scary.

There is some gore, graphic violence, language and sex – so if any of those things bother you, this may not be a great read for you. For me? After that ending – I am gladly running on to book 2.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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