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Uncaged Review – Living with the Torture Killer by Skye Andrews

Living with the Torture Killer
Skye Andrews
Crime/Serial Killer

For twenty years Terry Walker killed his victims using various torture methods. Once night Phillipa McDonald was kidnapped and kept as a prisoner of this sadistic serial killer. This is a look at her side of the story.
Book 2 of I am Terry Walker series

Uncaged Review: This short story follows the book, I Am Terry Walker – which is a book about a serial killer and how he finds and tortures his victims. Saying I liked that book is a stretch, because it was a no-holds barred, no-holding-anything-back including all the gory details, but it was well written and earned the 5 Stars I gave it, although it won’t be for everyone. To be fair, readers should take that book on before reading this one, as this is a count of the woman that Terry kidnapped and who lived and loved the killer for over 18 years.

Like the previous book, it’s still in a diary-type format, detailing the time Phillipa spends with Terry – knowing he is killing, but believing at first he will kill her if she leaves, but later believing she is helping him not kill as often later on. This book is not as bloody, and it’s much easier to handle, but it also lacks some true emotional ties between the character and the reader. At first I symphathized with Phillipa’s kidnapping, but later on I felt a bit detached even though it was clearly a case of Stockholm Syndrome to the extreme. Seeing how someone goes from one kind of fear to another was believable and worth a look, but reading the first one would be the best bet.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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