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Uncaged Review – Full Moon Howl by Orlando A. Sanchez

Full Moon Howl
Orlando A. Sanchez
Urban Fantasy

Mystery. Malice. Revenge.

Broken bodies and bloody messages are appearing in the darkest corners of New York City. Infected werewolves are roaming the streets attacking innocents.

The Dark Council demands answers. They summon Simon and Tristan to investigate. The evidence points to the work of a powerful mage, unfortunately, there is only one mage in the city powerful enough to cause this kind of infection-Tristan Montague.

Now, Simon and Tristan must locate the source of the magical infection before the Dark Council declares Tristan a dark mage, destroys the werewolves, and shatters the fragile peace in the supernatural community.

Join the Montague and Strong Detective Agency while they are hunted and chased. All while trying to uncover the identity of their unseen enemy before it’s too late!

Uncaged Review: This series is getting better – if that’s even possible. Simon and Tristan are back, with Hellhound, Peaches in tow. Werewolves are going rabid, and killing innocent people. On top of it all, something is wrong with Tristan and he may be going “dark.” Simon has to get help from another powerful mage that could put his immortal life in danger.

The fun, the action, the witty dialog and even a great supporting cast pack the pages of this urban fantasy, and this is an author that has moved high on my list of “authors not to miss.” When I finished this book, I went straight to Amazon and downloaded book three and I can’t wait to hurry back to this world. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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