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Uncaged Review – Flower Readings by Lilliana Rose

Flower Readings
Lilliana Rose
SciFi Romance

Triena lives on an outback moon earning a living by offering flower readings for customers. Cast out from the Queens, the Energy Readers, Triena wants to return, but the only way to do that is to kill Braklen and use his energy to look into the future.

Braklen, a Peacekeeper with the Queens, arrives at the Triena’s Tea House. He doesn’t realize the danger he is in when he sits down for a flower reading. 

Triena sees her chance to kill Braklen by using the potency in flower buds. The Energy guides her hand, and instead, the suppressed feelings toward Braklen surface. 

Can she kill the man she loves?

Uncaged Review: This is really a different type of SciFi than I’ve read before. It’s a well written, original story and worth taking a look at. This is the first in a trilogy. Triena is an outcast, as she wasn’t able to kill animals to read their energy, and the Queens cast her out when she couldn’t kill the man she loved, Braklen. Reading the energies from the flowers is illegal, but living on the outback moon has kept her off the Queen’s radar, until now. When Braklen, who is a Peacekeeper arrives at her store for a reading, she will need to kill him to get back into the Queen’s good graces. When both Braklen and Triena find out they’ve been betrayed, they will go on the run.

Some of the world building was a bit foggy, and it took me awhile to care about the characters, it wasn’t instant. I really didn’t get a good sense of what either character even looked like in my mind for quite a while. I didn’t really like that it ended on a cliff hanger, although all three of the books are out now. I actually got the sense that this was a fantasy, more than a traditional SciFi and the books are worth a look. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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