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Uncaged Review: Fire Maidens – Ireland by Anna Lowe

Fire Maiden – Ireland
Anna Lowe
Fantasy Romance

Inheriting a cottage in Ireland seems like a stroke of pure luck to Grace Connolly — as is a chance meeting with her mysterious (and hot) new neighbor. Soon, Boston’s most up-and-coming harpist finds herself mixing business with pleasure and getting to know Finn Hurley — intimately.

But all is not as it seems with the alluring man from next door, nor in the seaside village of Ballyfianna. Magic, shapeshifters, and legendary pots of gold? The surprises don’t end there — not when Grace’s family secrets come to light. Before she knows it, her mini-adventure — and sizzling romance — become a fight between good and evil. Ruthless enemies are muscling in on Finn’s home turf, and Grace will need more than the luck of the Irish to survive. Does she dare unleash the hidden power within her — a force she’s been warned never to use?

After a decade of military service, dragon shifter Finn Hurley is finally free to track down the elusive beauty he’s secretly loved for years. When he discovers her in his hometown, it seems like destiny is smiling on him. He should have known nothing in life comes easy — especially love.

Because Ballyfianna is no longer the peaceful, sleepy place it once was, and Grace has unwittingly become involved in its troubles. Bitter enemies from beyond its borders are plotting to seize power, while traitors are conspiring within. But they are all mere puppets to an even more treacherous enemy lurking in the background. Can this battle-weary warrior defeat evil and finally find his happy ending?

Uncaged Review: This is a great addition to this
series. I really enjoyed the chemistry between
Finn and Grace, and one of the reasons I love this
series besides the couples, are the way that the
author describes the characters when they are in
their shapeshifter forms. In this book, Grace and
Finn had met as kids, when Finn saved her from
falling off a cliff. Now she’s back in Ireland, inheriting
a small cottage and not knowing exactly
what she’s going to do with the cottage, specially
after meeting a lot of the local people.

There are more layers to this story than meets the
eye, and it’s a got the right amount of action, romance,
danger and suspense all tied together. You
just can’t go wrong with this series. If you like
shifters and romance, then this series is recommended.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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