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Uncaged Review – Ellie Walker’s Justice by Susan Federici

Ellie Walker’s Justice
Susan Federici
Historical Western

When Ellie Walker spots smoke coming from the direction of her farm, she races home to find her father mortally wounded and everything they own, burned to the ground. As her father lay dying, he tells Ellie that the son of his estranged wife, Tom Gordon, is the one responsible. Ellie vows to find Tom and bring him to justice.

Uncaged Review: Ellie rushes to her home when she sees smoke when she arrives she sees everything gone and her father wounded. He tells Ellie who has done this and she vows to get Tom as her father dies.
She works hard to learn how to shoot better and with her neighbors Mustang she heads out to find Tom and make him pay.

Ellie saves Clint’s life in a range war and after he sees how she handles herself he delays her journey but not before his mother and his old sweetheart arrive. Delphine doesn’t make Ellie’s life easy. She is hurt and leaves to Clint’s dismay.

He has to find her fast but Ellie needs to find Tom.

The authors does an excellent job with the plot and characters. You really want Ellie to find Tom but yet you feel for Clint and what he is going through. The reader can feel the pull between the characters and it makes you want to turn the pages to find out what happens. Reviewed by Babs

5 Stars


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