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Uncaged Review – Earl of Infamy by Tammy Andresen

Earl of Infamy
Tammy Andresen
Historical Regency

He’s been given a mission…

The Earl of Infamy must escort one mourning lady out of London and hide her away in the country. Should be easy. But from the moment he steps into her life things get…complicated. Not only is she far too pretty for his liking but she’s got a knack for telling him no.

“No, I don’t want to go to the country with you.”
“No, I won’t share your room.”
“No, I won’t marry you, I don’t care that we’ve been alone.”

Is the woman daft? What lady in her positions turns down an offer liked his? He’s an earl and she’s all but ruined?

Still, the more she resists, the more, he has to confess, he’s intrigued. How can he get her to say…YES.

Uncaged Review: All of Avery’s family has been in
danger, with the attempted kidnapping of her sister,
Noah has agreed to marry Avery and get her out of
London and danger with the dowry being Bash’s
stake in the Den of Sin, a gaming hell. A business
arrangement that suits Noah perfectly, until he falls in

Mystery and danger, and love all throughout this
short read. This is a good entry into this series, and I
may or may not have read a bit out of order, but each
book can standalone, but it does make it more enjoyable
when you read in order, as other characters from
past books do pop up from time to time or they are
mentioned. A charming and entertaining read.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars


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