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Uncaged Review: A Scot to Keep by Tammy Andresen

A Scot to Keep
Tammy Andresen
Scottish Historical

She’s sworn never to marry…

Lady Lily Morningstar has learned the hard way that men often let a woman down. She’ll make her own future, thank you very much. She’s trained to be a midwife, a career that will allow her to provide for herself. Except for when Lily is travelling on the road late one night after attending a patient, she is attacked by thieves. When a lone man rescues her, she begins to question the validity of her plan to brave life alone. Are there good men out there after all? Or is she only thinking that because her rescuer is tall, dark, and dangerously handsome?

He needs a bride…

Ewan McDonald is a new laird and a man who has clawed his way from crofter to landowner. His every move is methodically plotted to place him at the best advantage possible. Ewan’s planned for the perfect bride and Lily Morningstar is not that woman. So why can’t he stop thinking about her? Picturing the delicate beauty so desperate for his protection?

Uncaged Review: Lily is practicing as a healer – never wanting to be in the position that she can’t take care of herself in the future because of what happened to her and her sisters. When she’s walking home from aiding a birth, she’s attacked on the dark road, and Ewan, a Laird to the adjoining land, rescues her and suffers and injury. Colin arrives and gets him back home where Lily continues to oversee his recovery.

This is a nice shorter read, and falls in line with the series nicely. Lily is determined not to marry, and Ewan is smitten with her. This book was a tad too short, and the HEA comes a bit too fast, but it’s still an easy read that was endearing. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

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