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Uncaged Review: A Highlander to Have and to Hold by Tammy Andresen

A Highlander to Have and to Hold
Tammy Andresen
Scottish Historical

She’s desperate for help…

Rose Morningstar has sunk as deep as any woman could without selling her body and her soul. After the death of her father, she’s been tossed out of her home and barely surviving with her sisters in a cheap Dockland’s inn. When a sea captain finally agrees to transport them to Scotland, she doesn’t know quite how to thank him. Never mind, he’s irritated by her very presence. She’s determined to let him know just how much she appreciates his help. Unfortunately, her tongue ties every and her heartbeat quickens every time the man even steps near her. If only they’d met under different circumstances.

He’s no one’s knight in shining armor…

Colin MacFarland doesn’t need the adoration of a fallen English miss. He’s got a business to run and a life to live out and he’s learned the hard way that sea captains don’t mix with marriage. Not successfully, anyhow. Which is why he attempts to stay far away from Rose. She’s too tempting by half. But a boat is a difficult place to put distance between two people. And those English rose lips are so very enticing.

One kiss changes both their minds…

Though feelings explode between them, the moment their lips touch, the circumstance haven’t. Is there any chance for them to find a future?

Uncaged Review: We begin the story with Rose and her two sisters, Lily and Daisy, staying at a seedy hotel, having secured a passage by ship to Scotland, to their Aunt’s home. After their father died, and a horrible cousin far removed, took over the inheritance, he tossed them out to fend for themselves. With the help of her friend Fiona, they hurry to leave England behind. What they weren’t prepared for was the Captain of the ship, Colin, who has his own past heartaches to attend with. As they both contend with their pasts and their growing attraction, Colin isn’t sure he’s what is best for Rose. But don’t underestimate Rose.

This is a fun story, and I love the spunk and determination of Rose and the sisters are fun characters and I look forward to reading their stories in this series. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

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