Witching Hour
Nikki Landis

The witching hour has begun….
My essence has been stolen.

Tricked by the rogue witch that’s attacked Mystic Hallows from the beginning of Samhain, I’m drained and weakened in a dungeon cell far from home. Each passing hour brings me closer to the edge as I teeter on the brink of insanity. Fantasy and reality blur, my mind deteriorates, and I can’t distinguish between friend and foe.

My Cosan is too far away. I need their help to break me and Damian out of this hellhole. Secrets to Damian’s past and those of the Nosferatu bloodline are held within these stone walls and become the focal point in a ruthless battle for control. My only help comes from the sarcastic vampire that wants to drain my blood as much as seek revenge upon Dmitri. The vicious twin brother who tarnished the Rockcastle name and joined forces with the damned.

When everything is set in motion, each hour on the clock brings destruction closer. Every tick counts down. I only have twenty-four hours to restore my fractured soul before the changes are permanent. Confronting my enemy is the only choice. It’s time Roman English found out the power of the Salem bloodline once and for all – and I’m not the only one waiting to take him down.

Uncaged Review: The third episode finds Cassie prisoner in a cell with Damian out of commission chained to the wall and a necromancer in the next cell. She’s almost left for dead, when Damian’s brother Dmitri saves her. But what’s in it for Dmitri?

The action ramps up well, and the reverse harem is beginning to come into play, and we find out more about Damian and his past and his relationship with his brother. We also learn a huge whopping secret at the end of the book that is sure to be a complete game changer. The heat level is increasing as the author promised, and the Cosan bonding is closer than ever. Looking forward to episode four. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars