Never Give Up on Love
Maggie Mundy

In 1847 London, Vincent is turned by a vampire with tainted blood. His future will be one where he keeps humans safe but can never find love. 

Vincent’s eternal life changed on the day the sun burned into him, and he thought he would die. Instead, he was saved by the shade of a mystical tree. Beneath its branches, he dreamed of a woman in the future who would be waiting for him.

In modern-day Bath, Adele is a photographer by day and a vampire hunter by night. How will she cope when she realizes the man she has fallen in love with is what she has been trained to kill?

Uncaged Review: Never Give Up On Love is yet another part of The Soul Mate Tree Collective. This story follows Vincent, a very old vampire, who was visited many years ago by the soul mate tree. His vision showed him a beautiful red head that he knew he would someday find. He had no idea his soul mate would be a vampire hunting witch named Adele. Knowing that Adele’s job is to kill him, Vincent still makes the effort to meet his soul mate and attempt to make her his. Adele is a photographer who loves her work but puts her job of killing vampires above everything else. When she is visited by the soul mate tree she basically blows it off, knowing her life as a hunter will not allow her to take the time to follow her heart. Then she meets Vincent, her new boss, and realizes telling her heart no isn’t as easy as she thought it would be.
The story of Adele and Vincent is quite fun to follow. Their character traits allow for a fun, yet perfect, relationship. With the addition of a rogue vampire trying to build an army and wreak havoc, the story is quite exciting. The only problem I had was with what felt like a few rushed scenes. In the middle of things happening, the scene would suddenly be ended leaving me wishing the rest had unfolded. Other than that, it was a great read and the author did a wonderful job sharing Vincent and Adele’s story. Reviewed by Rena

4 Stars