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Midnight Moss
Carissa Ann Lynch

Fresh out of high school and stalling on college, all Dorothea wants is a little freedom. So when she’s offered the opportunity to move into her late grandmother’s house in Black Cat Springs, she simply can’t refuse the deal. Cheap rent and distance from her parents is exactly what she’s always wanted…and a handsome new neighbor seals the deal.
But as soon as she moves in, she’s drawn to a mysterious fence in the woods. Despite her better judgement and dark stories beyond, she sneaks inside, learning that some things from her past are better left contained…
A twisted town with a mind-boggling past is about to become Dorothea’s future. And one thing is certain–she cannot trust her instincts.

Uncaged Review: A very twisted story that starts out normal enough, with Dorothea moving out of her mother’s home, into her Grandmother’s house that the family inherited. Rent free – seems like a perfect solution for Dorothea who barely makes over the minimum wage. Her first morning in the house, she decides to jog down to the local food mart for some milk – and as she passes buy a fenced off area, she is drawn to a hole in the fence when she sees sparkling water, and her curiosity gets the better of her. There are tales about the small lake, and that there used to be a factory nearby that may have dumped toxic waste into the water…but those are just stories, right?

Good twists and turns, a mystery to solve and secrets to unveil, and a romance that enhances the story rather than distracting. This book is not overly long, so it keeps a good pace. New adult OK.  Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars