To read an interview with Anna Lowe, and an excerpt from Lure of the Dragon, please see the September issue of Uncaged Book Reviews.

Lure of the Wolf
Anna Lowe
Paranormal Romance

She can’t remember her past. He wishes he could forget his.

Nina only has the vaguest memories of who she is or why two men tried to kill her one terrifying night. All she knows is how quickly she’s falling in love with her rescuer — a man with secrets of his own. With her, he’s kind, gentle, and fun — but there’s a ferocious, animal side to Boone and the group of Special Forces vets he shares an exclusive seaside estate with. Can Boone help her uncover the past before the killers catch up with her? Or will an unexpected twist of fate steal her only chance at true love?

If fate were to come knocking on the door of Boone Hawthorne’s beach bungalow, he’d shove it right back into the sea — especially if it started whispering any nonsense about destined mates. But one night, a woman washes up on his private stretch of beach. Before the wolf shifter knows it, he’s breaking every personal rule for her and making promises he’s not sure he can keep. Investigating Nina’s past means crossing paths with a powerful archenemy, cutthroat criminals, and a ruthlessly selfish ex-lover who will stop at nothing to get Boone back in her bed. Can he solve the mystery of Nina’s identity while protecting her — without risking his own heart?

Uncaged Review: Another thrilling addition to the Aloha Shifters series, this is book two, and it’s as good as the first one. These books all connect, not only with the shifters themselves finding their destined mates, but also with finding the Jewel of the Heart power stones, each different in their powers, but when brought together, they are even more powerful. And there are people willing to kill to get a hold of them. This one revolves around broody Boone, the wolf shifter in the group, and when he finds a woman washed up on the beach with no memory of who she is or what happened, his inner wolf claims her.
This book slaps you into the action right out of the gate, with Nina being thrown off a boat and left for dead. There is suspense, humor, action and hot romance. You are also treated to the inner dialog of Boone’s wolf, like we were treated in book one, with Kai’s dragon. This is a mesmerizing series – and a page turner. They just seem to end too soon.  Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars