Hidden in the Vines
Gemma Brocato
Contemporary Romance

Growing up in the supersized shadow of a famous mother led Jules Capelli to retreat far from the glamorous lifestyle. She owns and runs Team Vino, a team-building operation based in a working vineyard. In the midst of a seminar, her high-profile, high-maintenance mother insists Jules shelter her among the vines after recent plastic surgery. Keeping the woman hidden will require a monumental effort, especially with two reporters from an entertainment magazine in the attendance….

Uncaged Review: Two entertainment reporters, who have come to blows in their office, is sent off by the boss to get some team training at Team Vino, a vineyard in northern California as a condition to keep their employment. Jules, who owns the vineyard, is the daughter of a famous actress, who imposes on her daughter by asking to stay at a cabin on the property while she recovers from plastic surgery – to keep it under wraps. Unfortunately, that cabin is viewable, at a distance, from several areas at the vineyard. Keeping her mother hidden from the reporters at the team building week, will not be easy – specially when Jules finds herself falling for one of the reporters.

This is a solid read, and I actually laughed during the Sauvignon Stomp – reminding me of an episode of I Love Lucy. Hilarity ensues and it was a highlight in the book. The only downside for me, was the ending. It ended very abruptly and rushed – and I would like to have seen that brought out a bit more.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars