Kathryn Le Veque
Historical Medieval

Can a gruff, seasoned knight win over the love of his life in the midst of political chaos? 

1215 A.D. – Dashiell “Dash” du Reims is the eldest son of the Earl of East Anglia and a cousin to the great House of de Lohr. Much like his warring and politically-involved cousins, Dashiell is also waist-deep in the political turmoil that is sweeping England at this time. As the Captain of the Guard for the powerful – and senile – Duke of Savernake, his is in the middle of the baron’s rebellion against the king. Although his de Lohr cousins have been trying to lure him over into serving Christopher de Lohr, the greatest knight in the realm, Dashiell is reluctant for one very good reason –

A woman. 

Specifically, the duke’s youngest daughter, the lovely and sweet Belladonna. With the duke’s senility, there is an undercurrent movement from within the family to usurp the duke by two of his ambitious sons-in-laws. As a man with only three daughters, the husbands of the older daughters are plotting to steal the duke’s power and his seat, and Dashiell is the only thing that stands between them and the mad duke. He is also the only thing that stands between their wicked intentions towards Belladonna. 

Nothing will get past Dashiell when it comes to Belladonna, not even men who technically outrank him. He’ll fight to the death. Soon enough, the evil husbands are plotting to be rid of Dashiell as well, but not if the powerful de Lohr family has anything to say about it.

Enter a world of grand Medieval pagentry, passion, battles, and politics in Dashiell and Belladonna’s story, where love is the only thing that truly conquers all and family bonds are the strongest of all. It’s an all-out knightfest in this glorious Medieval epic.

Uncaged Review: This time the author gives us a wonderful romance with an older Knight – full of betrayal, suspense, action, danger and of course, love. I’m always “all in” when I read a novel by this author and I was a goner within a few pages. There were moments I was hanging on the edge sweating it out, and other times I was laughing out loud to the characters in the story. There is a lot going on, and a few subplots running right along with the main story, and did I mention puppies? Lots and lots of puppies. One of my favorite books by this author, that is, until I read the next one. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars