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Uncaged Review – Zorak by Cyndi Friberg

Cyndi Friberg
SciFi Romance

He was created in a lab. She has no choice but to trust him. Together they just might save the world.

When Cat’s father is kidnapped by her alien boss she turns to Zorak, one of the mysterious lunar raiders “cultivated” by the aliens to protect Earth. Cat isn’t sure she can trust Zorak, but she has nowhere else to turn. Lunar raiders are ruthless hybrids created for war, so why does Zorak make her feel safe? She has never been so intensely attracted to anyone before and has a hard time believing her feelings are real. They’re surrounded by conflict and deceit, and Cat’s father isn’t the only one in danger. If they can’t learn the truth about the aliens, the entire human race could be enslaved.

Uncaged Review: When the aliens landed on Earth,
seeking asylum from their world being nearly destroyed,
they created the raiders supposedly to protect
Earth from their enemies. But the aliens lied and
seeking to enslave the entire planet. Lucky for the
humans, the raiders have blasted away their programming
and go against the aliens that created them.
Zorak, is one of the leaders of the raiders and when
Cat asks for help to free her father, Zorak knows immediately
that Cat is his fated mate.

This is a good scifi with nice world building and even
people who haven’t read a lot of scifi can keep up
with the language. This is a good start to a series and
I plan to continue on as I’m now invested in the characters
and this world. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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