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Uncaged Review: Viscount of Vanity by Tammy Andresen

Viscount of Vanity
Tammy Andresen
Historical Romance

She’s a woman in need of a dashing rescue…

Miss Gabriella Winston finds herself on the auction block, about to be sold into marriage. That is until a stunning stranger swoops in and saves her. He’s kind and handsome and her relief would be complete if he didn’t propose rules along with marriage…

He’ll need one heir and then they’ll go their separate ways.

It’s a tempting offer but no one in her life has ever really loved her. If she accepts, she’s giving up any hope of ever having her own happily ever after.

He’s broken inside…

The Viscount of Vanity has a secret. He spent his youth fighting a disease he was certain would consume him. Only by the most disciplined of behavior has he overcome his childhood illness, but not the heartache that came with it. No matter how tempting her beauty, he can’t allow his control to slip and fall in love with Gabriella. Losing his heart could mean risking his life. But when she is threatened by the very family that should love her, he can’t help but rush to her rescue. And the discipline that’s always kept his life in order, it’s slowly slipping away.

Uncaged Review: This is another classic from this
series from this author. I have enjoyed this series and
always look forward to reading more. This time out,
Gabriella is being auctioned off to the highest bidder
for marriage by an abusive father. The Viscount, Austin,
pays a good sum and offers Gabriella a safe home
and taken care of, all he requires is an heir.

Gabriella and Austin begin their journey, but Austin’s
sickness as a child has him at a disadvantage, anything
strenuous could make his breathing difficult and
even cause his death.

This is a good story, with both love and danger – and
found myself rooting for this couple. Austin is a
stronger man than he realizes and he will realize that
with the help of the love a woman like Gabriella.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars


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