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Uncaged Review – Violet Abyss by Suzanne M. Sabol

Violet Abyss
Suzanne M. Sabol
Dark Fantasy

Vampire politics are the worst! 

Stuck in a city she doesn’t know and surrounded by enemies, Dahlia Sabin is thrust into the middle of a vampire conclave. Every Vampire Liege from across the country has descended upon New Orleans for what everyone knows is a trap. 
When an ancient relic of power turns up missing and a high-ranking vampire is murdered, Dahlia is forced into a world of vampire power plays and dark magics in order to save her friend. 

Dahlia, Patrick, and Dean must use everything in their arsenal to turn the tide of revolution, but turning enemies into allies is more difficult and dangerous than any of them knew. 

Uncaged Review: When I discovered this was book seven in the series, I was expecting to be confused and frustrated with figuring out what went on before. Wrong. Ms. Sabol made sure you could read this book by giving all the necessary information so you were involved in what was going on without reading the first books of the series. I would recommend going back and reading them if you like this book to obtain all the juicy details of the paranormal being, Dahlia.
Dahlia is the Golden Anidae, which is a large golden werewolf who is to lead the werewolves. She has silver claws and eyes and uses Fertiri magic. She is mated to Patrick Cavanaugh, a vampire who has a beating heart and Dean, the very masculine alpha werewolf of their pack. Pat and Dean were friends before meeting Dahlia so it all works and they share her in all ways. (There is some fairly graphic sex in the book) The trio with some of their people are in New Orleans from their home in Columbus to attend the gathering of the Lebensblut board of Lieges of the vampires even though Pat isn’t on the board, having declared his group independent of them.
Konyam, the leader (for a majorly long time) of the vampire board wants Pat to tow the line and rejoin the group. He plans on showing he is able to control them with the Chalice of Isis. Meanwhile Celeste and Varick are planning on deposing Konyam but using the power to chalice and taking over the board. Celeste is a vampire but also a witch/sorceress who is able to put people into this suspended animation state which appears to be a violet abyss from which they can’t escape.
Everything of vital importance to the story is above. I’m not a big vampire/werewolf story fan, so when I say I enjoyed this book, you know it is good. It wasn’t the tired old vampire story. There were many surprises along with some things you could figure out. In one area, I wanted to scream at Dahlia and Pat for being stupid enough to fall into Celest’s trap. Dahlia is the majorly fun character who doesn’t take anything from anyone, including her mates. You’ve got to like her as she’ll do anything to protect those in their group (211 strong, the largest on the continent)
It was a fun book and I thoroughly enjoys joining Dahlia and crew in New Orleans to upset the Lebensblut Board the rest of the Vampires using their talented people to find Celeste and Varick. If you want to know what happens after that, read the book. It’s worth the time to read. I give the book 5 stars for daring to be different and fun. There will be at least one more, so you might want to go back and catch up on the rest while waiting for the next book to see what happens with Baba Yoga (the dark fae) and Dahlia.
Reviewed by Barbara

5 Stars


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