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Uncaged Review – Toil and Trouble by Nikki Landis

Toil and Trouble
Nikki Landis

A ghoul who craves zombie flesh. A sensitive vampire who cries black blood. A lying werewolf my ancestors adore…

And oh yeah, the witch hunter who hates me. Four unlikely heroes sworn to protect the powerful Salem Howe lineage from evil and help prevent the next uprising.

But, what happens if I need to save myself from the four devilishly handsome men? It’s par for the course in my chaotic life. Trouble follows the Howe family like a curse. As the festival of the dead continues and Samhain thins the veil between the living and the dead, how will I prevent evil from taking over Mystic Hallows for good?

Uncaged Review: This series is marketed as each book is an “episode.” They are all within the month of the Samhain celebration, but they are all more novella length, and even though they are all seeming to end in cliffhangers, the main arc in the storyline within the series continues on, but each one does conclude one part of the story in each book. This time out, we learn more about the Cosans, and the evil rogue witch who has now ripped a hole in the veil. If Cassie and her team can’t stop this witch, Mystic Hallows will be gone.

I plowed through this book in a couple hours, and I really want to see Cassie become more of the badass that I know that she can be. Right now, she’s on the brink of death in every book and I can’t wait to see her come into her own and really show her true strength. The heat level did rise in this one but it’s still a slow burn. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars


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